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Welcome to Myers Farm!
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Myers Farm, Don C. Myers, 3864 Penns Valley Road, Spring Mills, PA  16875,, E-mail:
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Specializing in quality alfalfa balage production!
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Myers Farm Grand Champion Hay Award
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"A Family Affair"

At Myers Farm, the production of our balage is a "family affair". Below is a little information about us.

Don loves to grow things, especially alfalfa, and to be in the field. He enjoys the challenge of harvesting a high quality hay crop. His full time job is Manager of the Farm and Rural Property Division for RE/MAX Centre Realty in State College, PA. He served six years on the board of the PA Forage and Grassland Council, and was the president for 2008.
Amy is a talented pianist. She will be starting her fourth year teaching music this fall, after having graduated from college in May of 2005. She majored in music education. Amy also loves to be in the fields and is more than willing to help anytime she can. Being in the field is also "music to her ears"!
Aaron graduated from college having majored in sports communications. Aaron's "thing" is sports. How in the world can farming compare with scoring 4 three pointers in a basketball game or watching PSU football? But Aaron is also a very willing and capable helper.

Dad (Claude)
This site is dedicated to Dad! He purchased our farm in 1947. It was in a very run down condition at the time. Dad passed away on March 10, 2007, at the age of almost 94. He was an inspiration to all of us. Even in 2006 he enjoyed helping as much as ever, and he was always willing to help do anything that needed to be done. When he wasn't wrapping bales or helping with other things, he kept the rest of us supplied with iced tea.
Joel is the hardest worker of the group, and also enjoys being in the field. He is very interested in soil conservation and utilizing no-till cropping technology to improve the soil and the environment.
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We are proud to be members of the Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council as well as the American Forage and Grassland Council.