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Myers Farm, Don C. Myers, 3864 Penns Valley Road, Spring Mills, PA, 16875,, E-mail:
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Myers Farm Slide Show

"The Beauty of Nature!"

The beauty in nature is truly a gift of God. The beauty is in the silver lining of clouds after a storm and the bright colors of a brilliant sunset. It can be seen when the farm bear is out for his morning stroll, or when an unusual October snow blankets the fields. It is there when the green springs forth after Winter each year, and it is painted on the little tiny wildflowers which normally get passed by without them even being noticed. The beauty of nature is all around us. We've tried to capture some of that beauty with pictures from our farm in our slide show!

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We are proud to be members of the Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council as well as the American Forage and Grassland Council.